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Welcome to the Alter Family Genealogy Web Site .  I have streamed lined this site considerably, making it very simple to navigate through and use.  If anyone has any questions, email me or go to  to view the AlterFamily Organizational Web Site and look at the FAQ's that are located on that section of our site. I will be glad to help you with either your research, or provide you with additional information. Be sure to read the section  below on how to access the Private section of this site at   

[email protected]

There is a Private / Family section of this web site.  You will need a password to get into it.  Please follow these instructions. There is a two step process for obtaining a password. First, you must send me a personal email telling me who you are, what surname lines you are researching, and how you are related to my family lines. My email link is above. Tell me that you would like to register for an account.    Second, once you send me the email, you may register for an account. To do this, go the the private section via the link above and simply click on "register for user account"  I do not charge any fees for any information that is contained in this site.  I believe that this information belong to us all and should be free.  I require all information be filled out. Please follow the instructions.  To put it very simply, if we are willing to provide you with information about us and our ancestry, you should be willing to give me some of your personal information as well.  Due to privacy issues I like to know who is viewing this information. I'm sure you can understand this, after all, it may be your privacy I am protecting also.  All information provided is kept confidential and is not shared with anyone.  I am the only person with access to it.  I do not even release your email to another relative without your permission.  I will receive your request, verify your email address, and approve your access. Once you have access to this section, you will be able to add your information right into the site online live in real time, download Gedcom files and reports, and add pictures history, stories etc. and view them. It is very interactive, and will also provide as an excellent backup for all of your files as well. There are more pictures, and more information in the private section that the general public does not have access to.  You will need a password to enter it so be sure to email me, and ask to register for entry first. 

I have been researching my genealogy now for over 30 years since I was a teen.  I have been able to trace my Alter and Munsch surname back to the early 1600's.  Other surnames have been taken back to the 1700's. These files are all available in the private section of the site along with the proof documents and photos.  I would like to hear from you, and compare our research.  It upsets me that many sites have used the info that I posted here, then turn around and charge a fee for you to access that same info.  At times the information in these sites is posted wrong. We all know who these genealogy pay sites are...  This info belongs to all of us, and should be accurate.  I will never charge a fee to access this site.  I do accept donations from time to time to help maintain this site, but it is not mandatory that you make any donation to use it.  It only helps me with the costs that I incur.  All I ask is that if you have any information, you post it in the forum board and share it, or email me with it so I can add it.  An occasional article on our family history or some old family photos that have been scanned into JPEG format will also be appreciated.  Many have done just that, you know who you are, and I thank you for the support and help.

There is a new section called The Alter Family Genealogy Organizational Web Site.  For those who use this site on a regular basis, you should check this new site from time to time at   Here is where the tutorials on how to use TNG (the program within the private section) are located as well as other FAQ's.  I also will post here changes that are being made along with program upgrade information and corrections to information that has been posted.  This is an informational section of our web site that I have just added.  Here  there is also a link to the support forum and the BBS.

The Alter surname is as complete as I can get it going back. I am still working to update the Alter line that is more current with present dates such as the cousins.  I am also working on many of the other surname lines.

         The  names that are linked to my family genealogy are :     Alter,  Wohlfeil,  Dobberstein,  English,  Ward,  Henderson,  McFarland,  Munger,  Lillie,  Koenig, (Konig, King )  Ruloff,  Tyc,  Talik,  Munsch,  Beavers,  Hanks,  Snodgrass,  Randal,  and  many many more...    

Help Needed:

At the current time I need help in these areas.  

     I am doing research on the English,  Wohlfeil,  Ward, and Lillie surnames. My wife is researching the Beavers, and Hanks surnames. If anyone has any information on one of these surnames, please let me know, or post the info on the message board for all of us to see. 

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